Posters about the History of the Village and the Fortified Church

In preparation for the Transsilvanian Brunch on July 30th 2016 and as part of the future exhibiton in the “Portenturm” we have created three posters displaying the history of the village and the fortified church of Movile. One of the posters shows the evolution of the village and the fortified church since 1100 AD and illustrates the most important events. On the second and third poster, interesting information and facts worth knowing about the village and the surrounding is compiled. The posters can be downloaded here (in German language). 160821_Geschichte_Hundertbücheln_neues_Logo_1_preview 160821_Geschichte_Hundertbücheln_neues_Logo_2_preview 160821_Geschichte_Hundertbücheln_neues_Logo_3_preview