A logo for Churchfortress e.V.

After very intensive times of work and long discussions, we now also have an official logo! Our logo design group didn’t make it easy for themselves. A lot of drafts have been drawn, discussed and refused again. Finally, a colorful logo with stylised hills and the fortified church in the foreground has been chosen.
During a long phase of drafting many different possibilities for a logo have been created by our logo group of five to six members. During the stay of the majority of the group in Movile in July 2016 they have been working on it again very intensively and have improved the drafts further. Different varieties were checked an tried out on different materials (even old tiles) and in different sizes, refused again, redrawn and tried out again. Finally the decision was made for the logo shown below. Logo_cf_hp_gross
Logo Werkstatt Hundertbuecheln