Newsletter XIX

Dear friends of Churchfortress e.V.,
Lords and Ladies,

we would like to use the year-end to tell you about our traditional winter meeting and to give you a short outlook on the new year

But first of all we have a little Christmas present for you! In 2017/2018 we have used our knowledge to write an open space planning expertise for the unique Kirchburglandschaft of Transylvania. On the basis of the two villages Hundertbücheln / Movile and Denndorf / Daia the relationship between the fortified churches and the cultural landscape of Transylvania is shown.

The report is available for free download and we can only recommend to use your spare time over the holidays and have a look. For those who have little time to read, it is also beautifully illustrated.
You can have a look at the report here. You can find more information on our homepage in the "Project" section

Otherwise a short review of our winter meeting in December: This year again nearly twenty of our members met for an intensive and busy weekend in Berlin. We reviewed the successful year 2018 together and discussed the projects for next year. Until late into the night we discussed which project we would like to continue (of course all of them), how important they are for all participants and whether we have the capacities to implement our many ideas.

At the end there was a list of nearly thirty large and small projects, with which we further develop the last year's ideas: Of course the work on the teachers' house continues, now that we already have electricity, a tight roof and windows. The goal is to be able to spend the night in the teachers' house at the end of next year. The last cracks, the fireplace and stove will be repaired, a compost toilet will be built and much more will be done.

After we successfully brewed the first hundred hundredbeers last year and made the popular marigold cream, smaller products will be produced locally again this year. We are also thinking about a concept how and where to offer these locally.

Besides we would like to deepen the knowledge about the landscape and the history of the place again together with a group of students in the context of a study project or summer school. Also a youth group, accompanied by us, will probably be in Hundertbücheln next summer. We will of course continue to maintain our numerous cooperations with our local partners.

At this point we would like to spare you the numerous pending organizational tasks.

This as a short outlook on what we would like to report to you with pleasure in the new year in the next newsletters! We wish you nice and relaxing holidays and a good start into the new year,

Your friends from Hundertbücheln, Movile