After our first joint trip to Transylvania and to the village of Hundertbücheln in May 2015, we decided to get involved there. One of the first steps was the foundation of the association Churchfortress e.V. Friends of Hundertbücheln – Movile. With the entry in the register of associations at the beginning of 2016 and the certified non-profit status, we have laid the organizational foundation stone for our commitment in Transylvania.

The statutory purpose of our association is to organize, carry out and promote projects that are related to:

  • Intercultural understanding and human rights
    We see ourselves as Europeans, which unfortunately is no longer self-evident lately: What unites us and what we want to exemplify in our association with members from all over Europe is cosmopolitanism, tolerance and community.
    We want to convey the value of a European coexistence with joy and esprit through further education series and seminars for young people as well as the organisation of international youth meetings in Germany/South East Europe.
  • Culture and Social Issues
    A special concern for us is to seek cultural exchange. For this purpose we want to organize and promote concerts, exhibitions, readings and performances by and with the local population.
  • Sustainable development and ecology
    The professional background of many of our members lies in the landscape cultivation. Therefore we are particularly concerned to support the unique cultural landscape of Transylvania and the people who shape it through lectures, workshops, information material as well as the promotion of local initiatives. The centre of this will be the Büchelei.
  • Preservation of historical monuments
    Here for us the preservation of the church castle in Hundertbücheln stands in the center: We want to make our contribution to the preservation of the unique architectural heritage and thus also preserve a characteristic element of the landscape. Since the fortified church was not only the spatial centre of the village, but also its social centre until the departure of the Transylvanian Saxons, the revitalisation of the former village centre is one of our central concerns.
    The renovation of the fortified church is at the same time our pilot project for the preservation of traditional handcraft techniques and is carried out in cooperation with the Stiftung Kirchenburgen, the hometown community Hundertbücheln and the local population.

We would be very pleased if you would support us with personal commitment, advice and action or also financially in the realization of the goals mentioned above.