Newsletter XXVI

Dear Lords and Ladies, friends of Hundertbücheln, this is the current churchfortress newsletter number 26 with winter greetings in the pre-Christmas season! A lot has happened again this year since you heard the last news from the village of a hundred hills in the heart of Transylvania! In the winter meeting this year we looked […]

Newsletter XXIV

Dear Lords and Ladies, dear supporters, the wait is over. Here you see it finally in front of you, the new newsletter XXIV about our community project at the medieval fortified church and in the enchanting village of the hundred hills. And as usual, a lot has happened since the last Movile update, and we […]

Newsletter XX

Ladies and Lords of our Churchfortress Castle, loyal and occasional fans, noble donours, all you dear members of the digital world’s ultimate newsletter distributor, it’s that time again! A lot has happened since our end of 2018 winter meeting. Very much! As usual, we want to bring you up to date. We did not believe […]

Newsletter XVIII

Dear Lords und Ladies, today is the best day of your week, because you receive another legendary newsletter about the wonderful Churchfortress Castle Project in Transylvania. Much has happened since the last newsletter in the summer of 2018: people came together and split up, historic and new building materials changed their place, local products were […]

Buffaloes for Movile

With the support of your donnations we were able to bring back the first buffaloes to Movile for more than three decades. In historical times, buffaloes had been a common animal in many regions of Transilvania for centuries. The robust and strong animals helped ploughing the heavy soils of the farmland, they gave milk an […]

Wintermeeting 2017 in Freising

Snow is falling and winter is here, but we were not idle in the last weeks. On our traditional wintermeeting we recapped 2017 and prepared new and exciting projects for 2018! We had three days filled with a lot of work and fun, but see for yourself.   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Restoration works at the bacon tower

This year’s construction site at our bacon tower is underway. Managed by our fabulous friend Sebastian Bethge from the foundation of fortified churches (Fundatia Biserici Fortificate) and in cooperation with the Saxon community of Movile (HOG), the north tower of the medieval ensemble is being restored only under consideration of the heritage protection laws.

Summer Camp for Teenagers from Berlin

In August 2017 a very special event took place in Movile: a group of teenagers from the protestant parish in Berlin-Kreuzberg spent their yearly summer camp in Transylvania. We designed the program for their two weeks long stay in Romania and offered the teenagers a special insight into Transylvania and a fascinating and diversified summertime.

First impressions of our students week in Movile

In may 2017, we invited a group of 8 students and 2 supervisors from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Stuttgart to visit us at our castle. In a several days roadtrip through Southern Transilvania, we visited the cities of Sibiu and Sighisoara as well as the villages Alţâna, Biertan, Cloasterf, Viscri, Malancrav, Brateiu and, finally, Movile.

Report about the Transsilvanian Brunch

Since 2000 Cristian Cismaru and Jochen Cotaru, the founders of the Transylvanian Brunch have been unearthing old, nearly forgotten recipes in countless Transylvanian villages and cooking them together with the villagers. These are then dished up as part of brunch buffets set within the picturesque surroundings of the fortified churches. This year in July we […]