Newsletter XXVIII

Dear Friends of Hundertbücheln-Movile, We hope this newsletter finds you well. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support in the aftermath of the flood that struck Movile in June. Your generosity and kindness have made a significant difference in the lives of the affected families, and we are thrilled to share […]

Newsletter XXVII

Dear Lords and Ladies,friends of Movile, the churchfortress-bees in magical Movile have been so busy that they forgot to write one of their legendary newsletters during the last weeks! So here comes number 27, the first draft we wrote in bright sunshine, the mighty churchfortress behind us! However, since then we had to suffer a […]

Newsletter XXVI

Dear Lords and Ladies, friends of Hundertbücheln, this is the current churchfortress newsletter number 26 with winter greetings in the pre-Christmas season! A lot has happened again this year since you heard the last news from the village of a hundred hills in the heart of Transylvania! In the winter meeting this year we looked […]

Newsletter XXV

Dear lords and ladies, friends of Hundertbücheln, once again it arrived to your digital home – the latest churchfortress newsletter with the number 25. And once again a lot has happened since you heard the last news from the village of the hundred hills in the heart of Transylvania!

Newsletter XXIV

Dear Lords and Ladies, dear supporters, the wait is over. Here you see it finally in front of you, the new newsletter XXIV about our community project at the medieval fortified church and in the enchanting village of the hundred hills. And as usual, a lot has happened since the last Movile update, and we […]

Newsletter XXIII

Dear Lords and Ladies, supporters, friends of Movile, Transylvanian enthusiasts and noble donors,

we hope that this Newsletter XXIII reaches you in good health. Despite the ongoing worldwide pandemic, we have continued to work diligently on our project this year. Two of our club members moved to Movile and Harbach Valley just before the pandemic started. This was a big advantage and our ideas and projects could continue to be pursued with great enthusiasm despite the very limited travel possibilities.

Newsletter XXII

Dear friends of Churchfortress e.V, Lords and Ladies, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. The virus pandemic has turned our lives upside down and thus also our work as an association has been somewhat interrupted. Interestingly enough, however, in the last turbulent months we have been able to observe how much we […]

Newsletter XXI

Dear friends of Churchfortress e.V., Lords and Ladies, at our meanwhile traditional winter meeting at the beginning of December we could look back on numerous realized projects and beautiful moments in Hundertbücheln and the Harbachtal and forge many new plans for the new year. Of course we don’t want to withhold all this from you, […]

Newsletter XX

Ladies and Lords of our Churchfortress Castle, loyal and occasional fans, noble donours, all you dear members of the digital world’s ultimate newsletter distributor, it’s that time again! A lot has happened since our end of 2018 winter meeting. Very much! As usual, we want to bring you up to date. We did not believe […]

Newsletter XIX

Dear friends of Churchfortress e.V., Lords and Ladies, we would like to use the year-end to tell you about our traditional winter meeting and to give you a short outlook on the new year But first of all we have a little Christmas present for you! In 2017/2018 we have used our knowledge to write […]