Churchfortress e.V. Friends of Hundertbücheln – Movile” is a non-profit association, it’s aims and priorities are to firstly maintain the architectural heritage of the fortified churches in Transylvania and their ensembles of medieval villages and the striking characteristic local scenery. Secondly, the association is focussing on the sustainable development of a regional based small-scaled economy using the existing traditional craft and agricultural methods.

The association comprises of an international team of professional Landscape Architects and Landscape Planners, the team has the skills and professional knowledge to understand, analyse and character assess ecological, social and aesthetics characteristics of the unique historic scenery of the village of Hundertbücheln/Movile in particular as well as the other Transylvanian villages within the area. As landscape architects and planners we see the special value of a coherent and integrative landscape thinking and are able to use the combination of architecture and greenery to improve the daily life of people.

As a team we plan to work with the local residents and build relationships by using the Church Fortress as a hub of social interaction to share knowledge and experiences. Our aim is to use this as a catalyst to allow social and economic progression within these small villages whilst also educating people from all over the world on the importance of these historic and striking architectural networks of fortified churches that are scattered through the heart of Transylvania.

Overview of Projects