We would be very pleased if you would support us with personal commitment, advice and action or with financial support in achieving our goals and objectives.


Donations are welcome towards the following account with the GLS Bank Bochum: Churchfortress e.V. IBAN: DE07 4306 0967 8234 2302 00 BIC: GENODEM1GLS As a registered, non-profit association, we can issue you with a donation receipt from an amount of 50 EUR. For donations under 200 € you do not need a donation receipt, but can submit your bank statements directly to the tax office. If you (nevertheless) require a donation receipt, please state your contact and address details in the intended purpose. The donation receipts will be issued by Churchfortress e.V. at the beginning of the year for the previous fiscal year and sent to you. If you would like to give us the greatest possible flexibility in the use of your donations, please provide us with “free donations” (without commitment to a specific purpose). For project-related donations, please also note the project title in the intended purpose of your bank transfer. Donations made to Churchfortress e.V. for already completed projects will be used according to current needs. The same applies to bound donations that cannot be assigned to any of the current projects or programs.

Become a Sustaining Member of Churchfortress e.V.

If you would like to support us financially in the long term, you can become a sustaining member of Churchfortress e.V.. By becoming a sustaining member you give us long-term planning security and make important projects possible. We are happy about every new supporting member who supports us with a reliable, self-chosen contribution (min. 50 €) to support the preservation and rediscovery of the distinctive cultural landscape in the unique villages of Transylvania. You can cancel your sponsoring membership at any time without giving reasons. Your contribution is tax deductible like a donation. You can download the application form as a PDF file here: Aufnahmeantrag_Foerdermitglied_Churchfortress.pdf By applying for sustaining membership, you acknowledge and accept the statutes of the Churchfortress e.V. association. We reserve the right to refuse a sustaining membership if the interests of the applicant conflict with the purpose of our association.

Collaborate With Us

Our association was founded when in May 2015, after a common journey through Transylvania and to the village Hundertbücheln/Movile in the Harbach Valley, we—a group of friends from different European countries—decided to get involved there. The work at eye level with all project participants and project beneficiaries—regardless of age, origin, gender and personal preferences—as well as the sympathy and friendly relationship between the active members is the basis of our voluntary commitment. If you would like to become an active member of our initiative, you should identify yourself with the values and objectives of Churchfortress e.V. and be prepared to take responsibility for these. The best way to do this is to get to know us directly in the beautiful Hundertbücheln/Movile or at one of our “regulars’ tables” in Munich and Berlin.