During our second trip to Movile in August 2015 we started to map points of interest in the village and the landscape via hand-hold GPS devices, inserting them afterwards to OpenStreetMap’s (OSM) platform. In January 2016, Movile’s building and village structure was traced via remote mapping in GIS – based on available Bing aerial imagery. As OSM map data is licensed as Open Data it can be reused and adapted. The data can be used for various navigation devices, apps, and – of course – to print out actual maps of Movile if you want to visit it. The idea is to use OpenStreetMap in order to document Movile’s cultural heritage, its cultural landscape patterns and features, same as changes in the village and land use structure over the time – and – to make this knowledge available and editable to a greater public. But we think it is essential to do not only remote mapping but furthermore focus on field mapping with local residents as especially during field walks it will be possible to build up a positive relationship between our group, the local communities and the cultural heritage of Movile. Later on the generated maps could become a communication basis for a collaborative elaboration of locally-adapted problem solving strategies. In case you are interested in contributing to this project please contact our group and see learnOSM. Show bigger map